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The SBCA Documents Library contains electronic versions of many of the jobsite safety (BCSI), SBCA Research Report (SRR) summary sheets (formerly titled Truss Technology in Buildings (TTB)) and other documents developed by SBCA. Browse the list of documents by category or search for a specific document. Click the PDF button to review a draft of the document.

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Framing the American Dream
SRR - Wall Panel and Hoisting Strap Inspection and Use Requirements TTB/SRR
SRR - Crane Use & Proper Truss Handling TTB/SRR
SRR - Checklist for Handling & Installing Trusses TTB/SRR
Handling, Installing & Temporary Bracing of Wall Panels TTB/SRR
SRR - Long Span Truss Installation TTB/SRR
SRR - Standard Responsibilities in the Design and Application of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses TTB/SRR
SRR - Partition Separation Prevention and Solutions TTB/SRR
SRR - Floor Truss Fact Sheet TTB/SRR
SRR - Gable End Frame Permanent Bracing TTB/SRR
SRR - Mold on Wood Structural Building Components TTB/SRR
SRR - Drywall Cracking & Crowning Issues TTB/SRR
SRR - How to Read a Truss Placement Diagram TTB/SRR
SRR - How to Read a Truss Design Drawing TTB/SRR
SRR - Building with Wall Panels TTB/SRR
B5 Summary - Truss Damage, Jobsite Modifications, and Installation Errors BCSI
B11 Summary - Fall Protection & Trusses BCSI
Jobsite Cover Sheet BCSI
Information for Framers Flyer BCSI
B7 Summary - Guide for Handling, Installing & Bracing of 3x2 & 4x2 Parallel Chord Trusses BCSI
B9 Summary - Multi-Ply Girders BCSI
B8 Summary - Using Toe-Nailed Connections to Attach Trusses at Bearing Locations BCSI
B1 Summary Sheet - Guide for Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing of Trusses BCSI
B10 Summary Sheet - Post Frame Truss Installation & Temporary Restraint/Bracing BCSI
B2 Summary Sheet - Truss Installation & Temporary Restraint/Bracing BCSI
B3 Summary Sheet - Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members BCSI
B4 Summary - Construction Loading BCSI
Wall Panel Jobsite Cover Sheet Jobsite
CFSB4 - Construction Loading CFS
CFSB11 - Fall Protection & Trusses CFS
CFS - Cover Sheet CFS
Checklist for Handling and Installing Cold-Formed Steel Trusses CFS
CFSB1 - Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing of Trusses CFS
CFSB2 - Setting Trusses & Installation Restraint/Bracing CFS
CFSB3 - Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords and Web Members CFS